Fall Registration Fee: New students $25.00 (A registration fee $25.00 is assessed one time per school year)
Spring Registration Fee: New students $25.00 (A registration fee $25.00 is assessed one time per school year)
Summer Registration Fee:  New students $10.00 (A registration fee $25.00 is assessed one time per school year)

Billing and Statements:  After the registration fee and down payment are paid, the student will receive a statement for the balance for that session. The payment plan is to be followed as listed on the corresponding registration form. Payments must keep up with lessons given or lessons will be discontinued. This means that the student may lose his or her time slot with the teacher. 

Finance Charge and NSF Check Fee: A 1% per month finance charge will be posted if a balance remains at the close of the sessions.  There is a $50 fee for checks returned due to insufficient funds or charges made to invalid credit cards.

Private Lessons and Fees: The cost for one private lesson per week for most instructors is $32 for a 30- minute lesson, $48 for a 45-minute lesson, and $64 for a 60-minute lesson. Inquire in the office for exceptions to this fee schedule.

Withdrawal from Lessons: If the student decides to stop lessons by the drop date listed in the calendar and informs the office in writing, he or she has no further financial obligation for the rest of the session. Credit or refund will be given for unused lessons. If the student stops lessons after the drop date, no refund or credit will be given except in very special circumstances ~ e.g., moving out of state or extended illness.

Cancellation of Lessons and Make-up Lessons: Because teachers set aside time slots on the basis of registrations and often refuse other students, students are expected to appear for regularly scheduled lessons. Each student is entitled to one excused absence per academic year. Any other student absences, for any reason, do not qualify as refundable missed lessons. Teachers may make up a lesson, at their discretion, during make-up week(s).  However, make-up lessons cannot be guaranteed if absence is incurred by the student. If the teacher cancels a lesson for any reason, he or she is responsible to make up this lesson. If this is not done, a credit will be given to the student at the close of the session. The credit may be carried over to the next session or a refund check may be requested in writing.

Sign-in Procedure: Parents and guardians of students fourth grade and below are asked to bring the students into the building and sign them in each time they come for a lesson; we also ask you to sign them out as they leave. We also strongly suggest that parents remain with children during lessons. To make this as simple as possible, you may park briefly in the drop-off area at the front door of the building. Fifth to eighth grade students are asked to sign themselves in and out each time they come for a lesson. Everyone entering the building after 6:00 pm is asked to sign in.             

Waiting Time:  Students are asked to arrive no more than 15 minutes before the lesson time, and to leave no more than 15 minutes after the lesson time.  Arriving students are asked to go directly to the designated waiting area closest to the teacher’s studio. Students who have completed their lessons are to use the grand central staircase to go to the Oak Room on first floor where they can wait to be picked up. Students in ensembles are asked to follow these same policies. Students with siblings taking lessons are also asked to wait in the Oak Room and should be picked up within 15 minutes of the completion of the last lesson.