Photos of our recent student recitals

NASHAWAY TRIO Sunday, March 25 at 4:00 PM

Formed in Lancaster, Massachusetts in 2009, the Nashaway Trio was co-founded by husband and wife: violinist Angel Hernandez and cellist Caroline Reiner-Williams, plus pianist Roy Imperio. Since their debut at the Beveridge Webster Recital Series in Hanover, New Hampshire, they continue to perform in the New England area. The original Nashaway was a Native American tribe that inhabited the Nashua River valley during the 17th century. Marion Fuller Safford, Lancaster historian, offers the following description in her book, The Story of Colonial Lancaster: “Nashaway, or Nashawog, in the Indian tongue, means the place between, land in the angle made by two rivers.” The name with its triadic implication was chosen by the trio as being uniquely representative of the Lancaster region and its rich history, as well as the trio’s roots here. Mr. Hernandez moved to Lancaster from Mexico in 2006, Mr. Imperio from the Philippines via Michigan in 1986, and Ms. Reiner-Williams’ ancestors from England in 1600. Indeed here is the astounding music deja vu and birthplace of this international trio who also gave their second premiere performance at TPAC in July of 2009.